A romantic suspense novel

In Where There's Smoke, a romantic suspense novel by Jessica Brodie, Avery Kendall has fled a nasty divorce that left her vulnerable and gun-shy and moved from the bright lights of Miami to a cozy resort community in the Blue Ridge Mountains to start over. There in Forestdale, North Carolina, Avery takes a job as a newspaper reporter and begins to rebuild her life on her own terms. She swears off romance and blossoms in the close-knit, seemingly idyllic community. She quickly builds a name for herself as a hard-working community-minded journalist who isn’t afraid to go after the tough stories, and who handles them with grace, finesse and fairness.

But months into her new position, Avery finds herself at the scene of a massive electrical fire that has just demolished a huge multimillion-dollar mountain spec home. She soon learns the owners lost another spec home to an electrical fire just two years earlier. With that, plus anonymous notes and calls hinting there’s more to this—and to Forestdale’s dark side—than she knows, Avery can’t help but launch an investigative series. All signs point to arson, but nobody’s talking.

Meanwhile, Avery finds herself pursued by the handsome Michael Donovan, a former history professor now divorced himself, who moved back to Forestdale a few years ago to care for his dying mother. Michael has stayed on to run his mother’s shop, and he and Avery share a consuming magnetic attraction. Despite her refusal to date, Avery reluctantly begins a burgeoning friendship with Michael.

The pair is thrown together more forcefully as Avery’s arson investigation intensifies and she finds herself threatened repeatedly. But Avery can’t seem to play it safe. After years spent married to a controlling, abusive man, Avery has begun to heal—and has just rediscovered her fierce, strong voice. She likens backing away from her investigation to cowering in fear to the arsonist, just as she cowered in her marriage.

How far will she go to uncover the truth? And what will she risk?

Where There’s Smoke teams a warm sense of place with the kind of fierce, strong, vibrant characters brought to life by authors Nora Roberts and Luanne Rice.