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Is it OK to make your kids work for their money?

The most surprising thing we had to work out when we became a “blended family” was how our kids and stepkids would earn commission when it came to chores. Thankfully, we’ve stumbled upon a solution. Here’s our story.

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God doesn’t fall asleep on the job (like I do!)

My eyes bleary and brain foggy from lack of sleep, I’d finally get my young kids tucked in for the night. “I’ll be back in just a few minutes to check on you,” I’d promise in my best mommy voice, with every intention to follow through. Only, the second I tiptoed into my own bedroom, thinking I’d read for awhile and then go back and check, my sleep-weary body would give out.  I’d wake up hours later, my bedtime promise broken. Oops.

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Sharing our legacy

Just like I want to share the legacy of my late Gram so her beautiful soul can carry on in my children, we as Christians are propelled with the authority and all-encompassing command of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of the One True God, the Alpha and Omega, so all people can know Christ. The good news of the Gospel wasn’t gifted to humanity so it could be a secret for a select few but to be proclaimed so all can dance in the light of the Lord.   

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