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Who am I to judge?

We don’t always know the whole story, and that’s OK. We don’t always see the full picture or know how everything will work out. We don’t always understand someone’s motives or background, and we don’t always get all the answers. But God knows all, sees all, is all. God has the full story. My blog for today on Who Am I to Judge?

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Heaven through the eyes of a child

I had the chance to talk last week about how we can worship God through creative writing to 80 or so elementary-aged kids at a worship camp at my church. Not only did we talk about writing as another way we can love God, but the kids also got to write down their own words to describe heaven through their five senses. Their responses were phenomenal, and in a stroke of Holy Spirit-led genius, I jotted down their responses while we were talking. At the end, each half-hour class had collectively created their own poem about heaven. I was so proud of them, and they seemed really proud of themselves, too. Here, I’ve put together their responses in one big beautiful creation I’ve titled “Heaven Through the Eyes of a Child.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Releasing my pride

What’s so wrong with going through something hard and admitting you’re human … and it hurts? What is it about my own silly, arrogant pride that makes me laugh off skinned knees on a ball field instead of saying “Yep, it does hurt,” and taking a rest? I’m not just lying to myself. I’m lying to others, and I’m robbing them of the opportunity to do what God calls us to do: help each other.

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