Is it OK to make your kids work for their money?

Today, my devotional is the featured blog on my my friend and fellow writer Sarah Brumley’s blog.

By Jessica Brodie 

My husband and I are part of a “blended family,” which I think is a pretty neat name for stepfamilies these days. Basically, it means we’re a home comprising both my husband’s kids and my kids.

At first I thought the only issues we’d have when we started this “blending journey” would be adjusting to routines or different parenting styles. But what was the most surprising thing to work out was what we would do when it came to chores. For, despite our best efforts, at first the whole chores/commission thing didn’t go super well.

The trouble had to do with “fairness” … but we’ve worked hard, and now I think we have the solution (for now!).

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