One of my favorite things about being a writer

By Jessica Brodie One of my favorite things about being a writer is the chance to let myself be used as a conduit. It is a magnificent feeling to just take myself out of the equation and let whatever story needs to be told—whether that is God's story or a character's story or both—come to life.

Some days, this process is a lot easier than others. Who am I kidding—some seasons are a lot easier than others! The other day I was absolutely exhausted. My proverbial cup was empty, I was running on lack of sleep and too much caffeine, and the combination was adding up to a very scattered, frazzled, harried version of myself. But then I sat before the computer and I prayed. I asked that God use me to do whatever he wanted on the page. And after a moment of silence, suddenly my fingers were moving and the words were coming and 2,000 words later, there was a scene. And I can take none of the credit... other than the decision to ask Him for help.

That's the beauty of being a Christian and a writer. It's never just me writing a book. It's me and God and all of these beautiful, magical, imperfect yet somehow perfect character-friends, together.

And I’m grateful I get the opportunity to live my gift and share it with others.

Blessings on your journey…