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Are we there yet, God?

Yet why, as we navigate our days with God at the wheel, do we not always allow ourselves that same sort of peace and safe reassurance that all will be as God wills it, perfectly in His time? The right time—just as He has planned?

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She walked in joy

It hurts when people we love are gone too soon, too unexpectedly. Even though we know our time is short and finite, we often live our lives as if we’ll always have another chance for a quick text or call, another chance for an “I love you,” another chance to take that long-awaited trip together or have that deep talk we’ve been meaning to.

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Why I felt like a ‘grief fraud’—and how I got over it

Grief means we loved. As Christians, just because we understand we will see other believers in heaven one day doesn’t mean we don’t have strong feelings about their loss. And those feelings aren’t going anywhere until they are dealt with.

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