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When God says no

It feels like God is ignoring us when we don’t get a clear answer to our prayer. It hurts when we get a vehement no. We question whether God heard us, or whether He even loves us or cares about our current situation. But as we read in the Bible, we know: our Father listens to us and answers our prayers. 

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The roar of the Holy Spirit

I used to think of the Holy Spirit as a docile whisperer, nudging me toward something God wanted me to do, see, or think. But in the Book of Acts, the Spirit isn’t exactly polite or gentle. It comes like a lion, fierce and bold and calling for immediate action!

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There’s no thing as ‘just a toe’

I didn’t really see why it was such a big deal if I said a bad word here or there or told a little fib to preserve the feelings of a sensitive friend. Yet here’s the thing: Sin is defined as when we offend God. It’s when we put something of the world before God, or when we take the easy, feel-good path instead of the right or honorable one.

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