Is your work a labor of love for the Lord?

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Today, my devotional is the featured blog on my friend and fellow Christian author Alexis Goring's Devotionals for the Heart "God is Love" blog.

By Jessica Brodie

She had two-inch burgundy nails, glitter on her eyes, and the biggest smile I’d ever seen—and she made my day. Ringing up my purchases at the local megastore, this cashier chatted joyfully as she slid items across the scanner and into the bags. She smiled like she meant it. I’d never met her before, but her attitude lifted my heart and made me want to know her. She represented the store well, and I’d be willing to bet she also represented her faith well. For she clearly was a Christian, and the words “Jesus” or “church” didn’t even need to come out of her mouth for me to know that.

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