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Writers: Called to proclaim the light of the world

Proclaiming God’s truth means doing it any way we can, every day, never stopping.

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Does our work in the Spirit ever see "the end"?

Like caring for plants, we can’t stop tending our ministries and passions, either.

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That Always-Present Protective Bubble? Yep, It's Jesus

That force field bubble/protective cloak I’ve had since I was a child is actually Jesus.

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Waiting (and waiting!) on God's promises

Sometimes, the waiting is the whole point. The lesson comes then. The critical choices happen then, too.

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Sabbath-keeping in today’s crazy-busy world

Five ways (in addition to church) to practice “keeping the Sabbath” in today’s crazy world

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Human glasses, God glasses: Reflection on a mission to Puerto Rico
A tithe of time
Eight more ways to rekindle that creative flame
Quiet time