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Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt

It started off innocently enough, but then it became a horror movie she couldn’t escape. The last time he hit her, she wound up in intensive care. Despite what culture might want us to believe, real love—true love—isn’t supposed to hurt. But we know all too well that it can hurt. It can even kill. A blog in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, by Jessica Brodie.

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Loving God by loving my guy

I have a cute little game I play with my husband, only I’ve never actually told him about this. Every day, I try to out-do him in kindnesses. You know, those small things that make everyday life go more smoothly: I empty the dishwasher or fill up the gas tank. I tell him he is hands-down the most handsome guy in the world (he totally is). The basic theory is to one-up him in generous love. After all, I’ve figured out that when I win, he wins.

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